Real Trees

Why cut a Real Christmas Trees?

It’s good for the environment
One acre of real Christmas trees produces over 1,000 pounds of oxygen each year, that’s enough for 18 people. Young Christmas trees produce more oxygen than older trees.

One acre of real Christmas trees removes over 500 pounds of carbon dioxide each and every year. Christmas trees also remove dust and pollen from the air.

Christmas Trees provide a habitat for all sorts of wildlife. Prettyboy Run Farms does not use herbicides, pesticides or fungicides on our trees, allowing more of nature to thrive.

Prettyboy Run Farms Christmas trees produce over 4 tons of Oxygen, enough for 150 people, and they remove over 2 tons of carbon dioxide every year!

It’s sustainable
Christmas trees are 100% recyclable, while artificial trees can spend centuries in a landfill. Real trees can be burned for fuel, chipped for mulch or compost, and goats love to eat them too!

It supports the Local Community
Most artificial trees are produced overseas by large corporations, paying low wages. When you buy a real Christmas tree, you’re supporting your local farmer. Prettyboy Run Farms is a family run farm, and every Prettyboy tree is 100% Grown in the USA!

Start and Continue a Family Tradition
Spending time with the family, hay rides, hot cocoa and finding the perfect tree all help to make great family memories, and nothing rekindles childhood memories like the smell of a real Christmas tree.


Real Christmas Tree Tips
Local fresh-cut Christmas trees will last the entire Christmas season if you follow these few simple tips:

Choose a Fresh Cut Tree
The best way to ensure you have the freshest Christmas tree is to head down to Prettyboy Run Farms, enjoy a hayride and cut a tree yourself! Box Store and tree lot trees may have been cut weeks prior to being shipped for sale.

Trees are very thirsty, they may drink up to a gallon of water a day. Make sure you get your tree in water within the first 12 hours of bringing it home. If not, make sure you make a fresh cut one quarter inch up the trunk with a sharp saw, this reopens the tree stem. Monitor the water in your tree stand daily and make sure it never runs dry, or the trunk may seal up.

You don’t need to add any type of preservative
The National Christmas Tree Association doesn’t recommend adding any type of manufactured preservative, or sugar to tree water. There are no studies that prove that adding any of these prolongs the freshness of your real Christmas tree.

Be Safe
Keep your real Christmas tree away from sources of heat. Heat will dry the tree out quicker and can cause a very dry tree to combust. Use lights that are low heat such as LEDs or miniature lights, this will help keep it looking fresh and beautiful.